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James solar led Lighting

James Lighting is a solar lights China manufacturer that provides customers with hundreds of varieties of Solar lawn lights, Solar fence lights, solar rock lights, Solar wall lights and other solar lights all necessary for successful job.

Company History

Since 2004: start manufacturing with the original name JAMES

2007: Factory established with the name James Solar LED Lighting Co.,LTD

2009: Expand our business to solar powered led lights

2011: Established our own export company Fujian newmark industrial Co.,ltd

- Now: develop solar led garden lights.

For the past 14 years, James have been one of the biggest solar LED garden lights & lamp parts export companies in China, James ship a large amount of containers every month worldwide. Our dedicated staff will provide you with professional service all the way from the manufacture up to the delivery to the port of entry.

At James, a subsidiary of James Lighting Technologies, we are committed to sustainability as a company, too. We conduct business in a way that supports people as well as the planet: by minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations and supporting the people and the communities we serve, both the environment and society benefitIf you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact our friendly staff.

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