4 Modes Aluminium Alloy solar wall lights for garden


Upgraded 4 Working Modes Solar wall lights outdoor Aluminium Alloy 48 LED Microwave Radar Sensor Waterproof solar wall lights for garden

solar wall lights outdoor Specifications:
Product Model    JMS-1606A
Solar Panel    5.5V 3.2W polysilicon
Battery    3.2V 3000mAh Lithium iron phosphate battery (Life is more than 5 years, Include)
LED Source    SMD2835 30LM * 48pcs
Lumen Output    500~1000LM
Color Temperature    Cool White
Functions    4 working modes: Microwave radar sensor+
Dim Light; microwave radar sensor; Bum Steady Lighting
mode; Emergency Lighting mode
Microwave Power    10.8G  2mW
Induction Distance    5~10M
Materials    aluminium alloy + Stainless steel + PC
Size    230*103*83mm
IP Rating    IP65
Switch    ON/OFF
Warranty    24 Months
Package    Neutral packing

Aluminium Alloy 48 LED Microwave Radar Sensor Waterproof solar wall lights for garden

solar wall lights outdoor Package:
1 x Solar powered Microwave Radar Motion Sensor LED Light
2 x Screw set
1 x User manual

 solar wall lights for garden performance:
1. during the daytime, the system is charging, and the light is turned off, at night, the system starts lighting automatically
2. each press of a button will replace a light mode, switch circularly
 A)power on:press and hold the button for 5-10 seconds to start the first mode.
 B)body sensor+micro-mode:when someone comes, the solar wall lights australia will strong,when no one comes,the light will be bright slightly.
 C)human body induction mode:when someone comes, the solar wall lights australia will strong,when no one comes, the light will turn off
 D)always light mode:it will always light at night,no induction function
 E)emergency light mode:it will be strong light for 30 minutes,and then turn off the light,the solar panel will time again after sensing the light.
3. it will work according to the installed mode every day, not need to switch again.
4. the delay time for a strong light is 15 seconds when someone is nearby,when in the induction area, the solar wall lights south africa is always bright, and when the person leaves the induction area for 15 seconds,the light enters into the power saving mode
4 Modes solar wall lights outdoor Aluminium Alloy 48 LED solar wall lights for garden
 solar wall lights for garden Precautions:
1. Initial Setup: place the product under the sun, charging for several hours and then install to use.
2. Remove the battery when the product is not in use for a long time. Also charge up the battery every 3 months in order to ensure that the battery will not lose power and cause damage. Or charge the solar panel lamp at least once a month.
3. When the light flashes, it means the battery is low, you need to charge up the battery before it can be used.
4. Please install under the direct sunlight to ensure one day sunshine time is more than six hours, otherwise rainy day may not charge up the battery fully.
5. The solar wall lights south charge up time will be affected by the length of sun light and weather conditions.
    The stronger sunlight, the faster charging time
    Charge less effectively in rainy days, so the lighting operation time is shorter.

solar wall lights outdoor Service:
1. Your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.
2. Our professional R&D team can meet your OEM/ODM requirement.
3. Strict Quality Control to insure providing you high quality products.
4. Our After-sale dept could help you deal with any problems when you received our products.
5. 12 Months Warranty for all our solar wall lights south africa.

solar wall lights south africa from China manuacturer

A solar cell is capable of converting sunlight to a direct current. The cell is made up of several layers: the back of the cell generally consists of crystalline silicone and a chemical that creates positive charged spaces. The front consists of a chemical that creates the negative charged electrons.

When the sun passes through the front of the cell, it generates an excitement level which triggers the electrons that in turn pass through the back of the cell into the positive charged spaces. These charged spaces then transfer the solar power through the wires embedded in the cell. This is what makes up the photovoltaic system; the transfer of the sunlight into energy, storing it and sending it to solar wall lights south africa that can accent yards and gardens beautifully.

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